The future of goods transport... lies underground

The situation will compel us to consider alternative, non-road traffic infrastructure. After all, anticipatory transport solutions are a condition for economic growth. From the outset, the new means of transport must be sustainable and allow unlimited expansion, whilst costs are limited to a minimum. Denys introduces its TCX project, which meets these basic requirements. TCX is efficient, provides speedy goods transport underground.

TCX may forge an intercity network between logistics centres. By means of a vertical shaft, a progressive horizontal tunnel is constructed at minimum depth, alongside or under the existing infrastructure. In the steel core reinforced concrete pipe, electronically controlled, electric vehicles, loaded with euro pallets or mini containers, will drive on rails. The logistic centres' automatic loading and unloading systems ensure fast handling of the goods. TCX is a flexible system both in realisation and in exploitation.

Transport in underground tubes as a new mode of transport is not a vague 'pipe dream'. Similar systems are already being developed in various countries. If the healthy growth of our economy is not be hampered by the goods transport problem, then TCX offers enormous potential as fourth mode transport next to motorways, railways and waterways. Denys' Tube Cargo Express is a project that unquestionably deserves the attention of a large number of stakeholders. Not only does Denys specialize in underground contructions, we also know all about the feasibility of the system, its possibilities and requirements.

We are ready for it, how about you?!