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Welcome @ Denys

Denys is a multidisciplinary group specialised in water, energy, mobility, architecture, restoration and special techniques. Because of this unique diversification, Denys is a preferred partner for complex building projects and infrastructure work, in Europe and Africa.


Denys is your dream partner for constructing extraordinary buildings. Our ‘design, construction and maintenance’ approach offers an ideal solution tailored to our clients. The multidisciplinary structure of our organisation also ensures efficient realisation.

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Mobility is a major challenge in today’s world. Denys’ unique experience in areas such as earthworks, tunnelling and stabilisation, together with everyday activities involving road and rail infrastructure allow us to invest fully in new technologies to make our works more efficient and minimise the disruption to traffic.

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Redesignation & Redevelopment

Historic buildings evoke fascination and emotion among many. The owners, our customers, have the most fantastic dream for it, which always starts with a new destination. We are here to help make that dream come true. Over the years, the necessary know-how was gradually built up to be able to master the challenges of the larger redevelopment projects. Our customers question Denys not only about the technical feasibility of their vision and/or design, but also about the options for financing and optimizing the construction cost. In addition, they also consult us about the possibilities of being subsidized by Heritage (the government) in view of the historical and/or protected character of the buildings that are being repurposed.

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Restoration & Renovation

Denys is highly passionate about restoration and renovation. This discipline breathes new life into our magnificent heritage, incorporating the power of the here and now. What started for Denys as restoration using specialist injection techniques has grown into a versatile restoration department with many highly qualified specialists. Denys bridges the gap between tradition and high-tech. We employ the most innovative and sustainable building techniques with the greatest respect for the original character.

We are member of the department "General contractors Heritage restoration", established within the Federation of General Construction Companies (FABA) of the Construction Confederation (www.erfgoedrestauratie.be).

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Denys is a past master of boring tunnels in soils with varying geology, under rivers or global cities using unique tunnelling machines. Our highly driven drilling specialists work in many European and North African soils. With great success! Through our in-depth knowledge of micro- and mid-size tunnelling (just about the most difficult underground discipline) Denys is also the right partner for larger diameters.

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Water works

From Belgium to deepest Africa, Denys not only lays (drinking) water pipes but also constructs entire water supply systems. From pumping stations and water treatment plants to building water towers.

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Denys began laying major water mains in 1923. Since then, Denys has grown into a leading builder of water, gas and oil pipelines. With exceptional technological know-how and an impressive fleet of machines, Denys currently builds pipelines in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. In future, Denys will also be able to make a difference in other regions of the world.

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District Heating

The development of modern heating networks is a crucial part of making our energy supplies sustainable. Denys designs and builds these heating networks, working on behalf of government authorities, energy companies and industrial customers. By doing so, we are able to control every aspect of the process: problematic substrates, difficult access ways, tight deadlines, etc. We have built up a great deal of experience in this area over recent years and our extensive expertise and knowledge about working with pipes, controlled drilling and microtunnels stands us in good stead.

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Cable Works

Relying on an experience of almost 100 years in linear projects over large distances, such as pipeline construction and rail works, Denys has become a specialist in the installation of underground high voltage cables since the last decade. High voltage cables, that used to be built as overhead power lines and disgraced the landscape with their high pylons, are now being built underground using innovative techniques and respecting all regulations regarding safety and environment. Several highly satisfied clients keep on relying on Denys’ professionals offering total solutions.

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Nuclear works

With respect for the highest quality standards and impressive expertise and experience, Denys also provides exceptional “water works” such as the design, production, construction and renovation of the most complex cooling water pipes for power plants such as nuclear power plants.

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Rail Works

The rail network is expanding all the time and Denys is involved in its growth. We have the people, expertise and machines needed to build railways, metro lines and tram tracks, including any civil engineering works required, such as renovating old tunnels, drilling new tunnels and constructing bridges and station buildings. We are known for our efficiency, flawless organisational skills and the smart use of innovative methods.

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Special foundation & injection techniques

Special techniques make life easier, which is why Denys is so well qualified in this area. We specialise in ground stabilisation (nailed walls, compensation grouting, facing and/or underpinning buildings) and concrete repairs and/or concrete spraying of artworks and civil engineering works and tunnels. To do so, we use techniques such as jet-grouting, various low-pressure injection techniques, deep-mixing, micro-piles, ground anchors and shotcrete.

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Dream Works

Denys is firmly committed to innovation and resolutely building for the future by applying our expertise in groundbreaking ways. In doing so, we take into account the crucial themes of the future. For example, we are working on new forms of mobility such as the Underground Container Mover and Hyperloop. But we are also responding to increasing urbanization, for which we are developing new techniques such as the Dreamcutter technoloy together with our partners that will enable us to make optimum use of the underground.

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Opening of the Stock Exchange building : a brand new meeting place with beer museum Belgian Beer World

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