Denys is a company that mainly offers services in the form of labour, for which it provides the means and makes use of a number of substances to a limited extent. In the matter of environmental impact, Denys is a “light” company. Nevertheless, taking care of the vicinity, especially the environment, is an important issue within the company policy. For this purpose, Denys obtained in 2006 the certificate for an environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001:2004.

In order to set up further her commitment concerning the environment, Denys has decided to have a verification executed in accordance with the regulations of EMAS III. The environmental statement is part of it.

The activities of Denys have no geographical boundaries: Denys is active over the whole world and adapts herself to every local legislation that must be applied.

The state of affairs concerning the objectives and the new goals for the next year are annually elucidated in the environmental statement, which also presents an overview of the environmental performances that are compared with the performances of the previous years.