Construction of a theatre building:

The Brigittinentheater is a new small theatre complex, in the centre of Brussels, by analogy with the existing chapel, now in a modern jacket of COR TEN steel (weathering steel) and glass. The mastermind behind this design is the Italian architect Andrea Bruno, that is known to leave only one business card in every country.

Other well-known works are:

-Roman circus and medieval enclosure (Tarragona/Spain)

-Reconstruction of the bridge of Mostar (Ex-Yugoslavia)

-Restoration of the citadel of Hérat (Afghanistan)

The method of soilmixing is used for the sheeting of the excavation, followed by horizontal anchors given the large line pressure of the chapel of about 26 tons per meter. The foundation is performed by means of false sinks. The application of COR TEN steel is still unknown in Belgium and therefore they looked for appropriate people to bring a good result in the mantle of the building. Along the inside of the new "Chapel" the concrete skeleton remains unfinished, meaning that the visible concrete should be of impeccable quality.

Other projects