Flemish Community

Design, construction, maintenance and financing of 9 individual sports halls

DBFM contract in PPC form, in the communities:

- Meerhout

- Duffel

- Boutersem

- Zulte

- Blankenberge

- Kortenaken

- Kortessem

- Antwerpen

- Berchem

The structural design consists of a steel structure. The facades consist of a plinth in brickwork and a higher part in polycarbonate.

The realization of these sports halls will occur by means of a public-private collaboration (PPC) whereby the local authorities close a DBFM agreement (for the Design, Build, Financing and Maintenance) with the special purpose company (SPORT I.V.) for a period of 30 years.

Denys will guarantee the construction and maintenance of the sports halls in collaboration with sister company Building and partner Democo.