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Leading position on domestic market confirmed (2009)


Fluxys, the Belgian high-pressure gas network operator, awarded two projects to Denys NV at the beginning of August 2009 as part of the VTN II project.


The first project involves laying 85 km of ND1000 pipelines in the province of Flemish Brabant, between Opwijk and Landen. Also involved in this project, in addition to traditional open trench construction methods, are 6 directional drillings and 53 pipe-jackings (both open and closed front pipe-jackings). Six natural gas stations also need to be built. The initial works are scheduled for December 2009. The pipelines must be in service by the end of 2010. This project was awarded to a joint venture headed by Denys.

With the second project, a new ND1000 pipeline must be constructed in the existing tunnels under the river Meuse and Albert canal (laid by Denys between 1998 and 1999). The tunnels and shafts must first be carefully emptied after which the new pipeline will be constructed alongside the existing in-service pipeline.

Major emphasis is placed on safety, including working in the vicinity of the existing in-service ND1000 pipeline and working in confined spaces. The works are scheduled to start in March 2010, with a total execution time of between 8.5 and 12 months (subject to Fluxys obtaining construction permits).

Another big challenge for all of us...