Restoration of railway vaults and frontwall Line 25: Brussels North - Antwerp Central in Vilvoorde

It's rare that for the different and varying disciplines of by the Department renovation, restoration and special techniques are in one executed project.

On page 7 of the tender documents - subject of the tender - we read:

Oslash; to build a new façade wall that is anchored to the existing underlying wall - with the necessary amount of blue limestone and originally profiled to this model.

Oslash; expanding and strengthening of the foundation massifs and the drilling of foundation piles - grout piles.

Oslash; the strengthening of the vaults with shotcrete;

Oslash;railway works

It is clear that only a small part of the work was outsourced to subcontractors (scaffolding, cutting of connete).The project started on 28/08/06. There were also blue limestone stones from our own masonry placed. The result may be seen and the stability of the whole is assured for the future.

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