Oosterweel link

Link between Scheldt tunnel and R1
The partial project ‘Right Bank of Oosterweel link’ connects, through the Oosterweel node, the Scheldt tunnel and the R1, both in a northerly and easterly direction.
The R1 will be deepened over its entire length and partially covered, so that the Merksem viaduct will disappear and the urban landscape will undergo a thorough transformation towards a contemporary green and socially friendly environment.
In order to achieve this in the shortest possible time, it is necessary to temporarily construct a new R1 to the east of the existing R1.

Showpiece for the civil engineering sector
The partial project ‘Right Bank of Oosterweel link’ has a scope and complexity that is unprecedented in Flanders. TM ROCO is therefore particularly proud to have been awarded this project in a context in which civil construction groups need such projects for their relaunch and as a stepping stone for the further development of their expertise, which should also benefit exports.
TM ROCO is convinced that it has the necessary special techniques at its disposal that are required for this large-scale project, which is a showpiece for the civil engineering sector.
The contract that has been concluded will lead to an operational approach based on openness, cooperation and trust between LANTIS and TM ROCO.

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